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Pregnancy Testing



We are always looking for volunteers to serve at our downtown Dalton location. At the Women's Enrichment Center, our volunteers are trained alongside our staff members. That is, we consider volunteers as part of our team, making sure each volunteer is properly trained, as well as fully equipped to manage daily tasks and clients services in and out of the center. 


As a WEC volunteer, you will have several opportunities to serve in varying roles. If you're interested in volunteering at our center, here is a list of some of the opportunities:

  • Pray

  • Charts

  • Classes

  • Copies

  • Phones

  • Cleaning

  • Baby Store

  • Log Book

  • Client Intakes

  • Positive (Pregnancy Test) Clients


We expect volunteers, like our staff, to maintain ten essential commitments and pledges while serving with the WEC.


These are as follows:       

  1. A commitment to the sanctity of human life, even in the hard cases. 

  2. A commitment to both the woman and her unborn child. 

  3. A commitment to Biblical truth versus personal or cultural values. 

  4. A commitment to maintaining confidentiality. 

  5. A commitment to serve with a clear conscience.

  6. A commitment to acknowledging spiritual disciplines:

  • Church Membership or regular attendance

  • Servant's Heart

  • Daily time with the Lord

   7. A commitment to Godly conversation:  

  • Positive talk (avoid negative confessions)

  • Edification of one another (avoid gossiping)

   8. A commitment to submit to God-given authority.

   9. A commitment to integrity and dependability. 

   10. A commitment to sexual purity before and during marriage. 


If you are interested in volunteering at our center, please fill out this form:  

You can either email the completed form to or bring the printed, completed form to the center. We are located at 109 W Gordon Street, Dalton, GA 30720. 

Join us in educating, empowering, and enriching our community!

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