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  • If your partner's test is positive, remain by her side. Whether you stay together does not have to be decided today; but right now, she needs you.

  • Expect to be part of the solution. She's the one who is pregnant, but you are both the parents. 

  • ​Seek wise counsel. There are men here at the Women's Enrichment Center ready to speak with you. 

  • ​Prepare to tell parents and others close to the situation

  • ​Express yourself honestly but with keeping her feelings in mind. 

  • ​Care for her. She is scared and overwhelmed. Reassure her that she is not alone. ​

  • Take time and talk through all the options. Get information from trusted, accurate sources. 

  • Click here to find out more about your options; learn more about fetal development or our services


  • If the test is negative, now is a perfect time to re-examine your relationships. Pregnancy or a pregnancy scare can change things; and sex IS a big deal. 

  • Evaluate priorities. What are your goals in life and what does it take to achieve them?

  • Spend time with people who are good influences in your life and will give you good advice. 

  • Protect her reputation. People talk—be the type of man that respects her enough to defend her. 

  • Express yourself with honesty but always with her feelings in mind. 

  • Care for her. If two decide to stay together, make sure she's an important—treasured—part of your life. 

  • Treat her with respect. Take the time to make any changes necessary to better your reputation. 

  • We're here to speak with you about any of these issues or changes in your relationship. 

Your Next Steps

Before you begin worrying what decision she is going to make, does she know if she is really pregnant? Home tests are not always accurate and a diagnostic ultrasound exam is the most reliable way to confirm or negate a potential pregnancy. 


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Watch this "Life Chat" video from Roland C. Warren, as he explores the question of when fatherhood begins, 
and why the answer to that question is a key to the abortion debate. 

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